To Write Love On Her Arms

Google Ad Grants generates $174,000 in online revenue for To Write Love on Her Arms in 1 year.

Marketing goals

  • Raise funds
  • Drive ecommerce sales
  • Increase awareness

Success Metrics


online revenue in 1 year


online purchase transactions in 90 days


online sales in 90 days


To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicidal thoughts. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Marketing Goals

The organisation leverages Google Ads to drive new, first time supporters – both donors and ecommerce orders. Google Ad Grants is a proven top marketing channel for bringing in mission-aligned visitors to the organisation’s website.

The Approach

TWLOHA was advised by Community Boost Consulting, a digital marketing agency, to implement conversion value tracking for both donations and ecommerce sales which enables the organisation to track their entire marketing funnel and social impact driven by Google Ads. For the top of the funnel, TWLOHA tracks donation and ecommerce page views. For the middle of the funnel, the organisation tracks email opt-ins and event based goals such as when a user clicks a button to start a volunteer registration. And for the bottom of the funnel, donation confirmations, ecommerce purchases and volunteer registrations are tracked. Cameron Ripley, CEO of Community Boost Consulting, explains, 'Conversion tracking and Analytics are imperative. Having a better understanding of Ad Grants and Google Analytics data has allowed TWLOHA to improve, better target and allocate their marketing resources. The tracking is easy to set up and it is something all non-profits should be leveraging.'

Conversion data and Analytics play an important role in ad optimisation strategy. The data provides insights into the demographics, interests and behaviours of the organisation’s supporters. This information helps Community Boost Consulting refine ad text and targeting so that the organisation can reach more of these types of users online. Cameron Ripley says, 'We look at multi-channel funnel and Funnel Visualisation reports in Google Analytics. It’s often the case that Google Ad Grants ads are the first interaction a user has with a non-profit before visiting their website. After learning about the non-profit’s mission, we can see that users will often bookmark the website and come back days later to either give, volunteer or take some kind of meaningful action.'

Impact of Google Ad Grants

In 1 year, Google Ad Grants generated over $174,000 in online revenue for TWLOHA. In just 3 months, the Google Ads drove 1,000 purchase transactions generating over $50,000 in ecommerce merchandise sales that directly fund the organisation’s mission. Lastly, Community Boost Consulting implemented optimisation strategies to capture the increase in Search traffic during Suicide Awareness Month, which generated over $10,500 in online store purchases and approximately $1,000 in donations through direct and assisted conversions. Driving additional traffic to the website during this critical month strengthened brand awareness and TWLOHA was part of an active social conversation, positioning them for strong long-term success.

'Using our Google Ad Grant, we were able to raise over $174,000 in online revenue in a year. This has had a huge impact on our work with those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicidal thoughts.'
Lindsay Kolsch, Co-Executive Director, To Write Love on Her Arms